Tokyo, Japan

If you think NYC is the city that never sleeps, just wait till you see Tokyo. You’ll literally never run out of things to do in this quirky city!

48 hours in Hong Kong

Only 48 hours in Hong Kong? Spend one day on Hong Kong Island and one day on Kowloon. The iconic skyline, lush nature, neon lights, and stunning views make Hong Kong one of the most impressive cities i’ve seen.

Camping at Yosemite

A perfect day would be to get in the car, drive to Yosemite and go camping. So, go. Camping at this National Park should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Prague, Czech Republic

When I picture what Europe is like, I envision Prague. It’s the epitome of Eastern Europe. A vibrant city full of culture and enchanting medieval sites. 10 minutes into your walk on the cobble stoned streets, you’ll send a text to everyone back home that you don’t plan on returning. Prague just has a way…

Berlin, Germany

You can be anyone you want to be in Berlin. And guess what? You’ll still get denied entrance into the famous Berghain nightclub. I went to Berlin solo, and it’s on the best cities to meet young people. Berlin is a modern city where many people speak English, making this an easy country to explore….

Hiking Pedro Point- Pacifica, CA

A hidden gem! Pedro Point is a relatively easy hike with stunning coastal views. Only 2.5 miles long and around 700ft elevation gain. This uncrowded spot is perfect for a quick hour walk next to the coast. 

Heavenly Mountain Resort

I’ll keep this short and sweet. There’s a reason these mountains are called Heavenly. Because they’re heavenly.

Krakow, Poland

The most underrated City in all of Europe. With more bars and pubs per square meter than any other city in the world. Why would you not visit Krakow?