Rome, Italy

Oh Roma, the capital of the world. Ancient ruins, astonishing architecture. What more could you ask for? Star in your own Lizzie McGuire movie, walk the cobble stone streets whilst singing “This is What Dreams are Made Of”


DO :
  • Relax! Rome is bustling with tourism and diversity. Everyone speaks English, but be respectful and learn a couple of Italian phrases beforehand! Hello: Ciao Thank you: Grazie Excuse me: Scusami
  • Wear comfortable shoes, you will walk everywhere. Get the step count in!
  • Use cash, it’s way easier.
  • Get pick-pocketed! Bring a cross body purse and hold on to the zipper.


The Yellow :

Walking distance to the Termini metro stop. Budget friendly dorms, private rooms, and a super fun staff. The Yellow is by far one of my favorite hostels ever. They host a party bus tour of Rome in the evening, 20 euros, unlimited alcohol. Truly, an unforgettable experience.


The Forum and Colosseum :

You’ll spend an entire afternoon exploring these two sites. Purchase your tickets online beforehand to skip the lines.

The Vatican :

Go early! There really is no easy way to beat the crowds when visiting the Vatican. There’s a reason its the number one site in Rome.

Trevi Fountain :

Toss a coin behind your back, let your dreams come true.

Spanish Steps

138 steps of pure European beauty! Take a seat, it’s the perfect place to people watch.


From the airport, take the bus for €3,60 to the Termini metro stop. Once you arrive, purchase a metro card at any kiosk and take line A to see the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and Trevi Fountain. Take line B to see the Roman Forum and Colosseum.


Mamma Angela’s :

Live like a local and visit this small, quaint restaurant. Complete with the best Italian wine and pasta pairing you’ll ever have in your life!

Giolitti :

If you go to Italy and don’t get gelato, did you even go to Italy? Answer: No.

Trattoria Monti :

Family owned and operated. These 3 brothers and their mother know how to cook up a delicious and hearty Italian meal.

View from the top of the Spanish Steps
Roman Forum
The Yellow Hostel Bar

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