Krakow, Poland

The most underrated city in all of Europe! Krakow is the epitome of European charm. And let’s be real, Polish people are the shit! With more bars and pubs per square meter than any other city in the world, you are sure to have a weird time.

Everyone would ask me “Why are you going to Poland? What’s there?” Sure, Krakow isn’t Paris or Rome, and perhaps that’s why it’s so beautiful. What Krakow lacks in Eiffel towers, it makes up for in uniqueness. I had zero expectations for Poland, and I was blown away.


  • Learn one Polish word: Twoje Zdrowie (sounds like: nastrovia). It means Cheers!
  • Triple your water intake, you’re going to be drinking a lot of vodka.
  • Get your euros/dollars switched! Poland has their own currency: Zloty.
  • Visit Krakow during a holiday. I was in Poland during Easter and the market in Rynek Glowny (main square) is stunning.
  • Go into strip clubs. No matter how bad you want titties in your face, DON’T GO. Strip clubs are run by the Russian mafia and there are no laws. They are in business purely to take advantage of drunk tourists. SERIOUSLY- A British guy at my hostel had a gun pointed at his head and was forced to withdrawal all of his cash out of the ATM.
  • Drink in the street. This is illegal in Poland, unlike many other European countries.


Golden Tulip Hotel: 

Right in the City Centre, a 4-star hotel with easy access to all of the museums and sites.

Greg and Tom Beer House Hostel:

A hostel that feels like home. The staff makes sure everyone is interacting and having a good time. I met some of the most inspiring individuals from all over the world. One of them held my hair back as I puked and cried after a long day at Auschwitz and an even longer night at the pub crawl. I owe you Greg and Tom.


Shot Bars:

My favorite shot bars in Krakow are BaniaLuka and Pijalnia. Vodka flavors are plentiful and shots cost €1. Chat with the locals and learn firsthand just how big of a wimp you really are.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp Tour:

The most horrifying and utterly fucked up place I’ve ever been. Beware: You will cry. Stand in the gas chambers where thousands of men, women, and children were murdered. Walk through the barracks where 6 people were crammed to one shelf. You might be thinking uhh why would I go here? Simple- it will change your life. And I don’t know about you, but that’s precisely why I travel. 

Rynek Glowny:

Krakow’s city centre is stunning. Take a horse carriage ride around the square if you’re feeling extra. You can spend an entire afternoon walking around this plaza, admiring all of the beauty that is Poland.

Wieliczka Salt Mine


From the airport, purchase a train ticket at the nearest ticket machine for PLN 9. This will take you to Krakow’s Main Train Station. From there, you can walk or take the bus anywhere.


Restauracja Starka: 

You must get Golonka (ham) and Placki (potato pancakes). My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Przystanek Pierogarnia:

Give me all the Pierogis. I loved this place so much I ate here twice.

Gorące Pączki:

Pączki- Chocolate filled donuts. Enough said.

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  1. Hey thats such an awesome life in Krakow


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