Heavenly Mountain Resort

I’ll keep this short and sweet. There’s a reason these mountains are called Heavenly. Because they’re heavenly. Not only are the runs amazing but the vibe in South Lake Tahoe makes me want to quit my job in sales and become a ski instructor. Grab a beer, sit next to the outdoor fire pits, never leave.


DO :
  • Buy your lift tickets more than 7 days in advance to save $25.
  • Get some tire chains and make sure you have the right size before driving out.
  • Wear a helmet. It’s 2018, helmets are V in style. Getting a concussion is not.
DON’T : 
  • Be like me and purchase a half day pass for $117 to only ski for 1.5 hours
  • Be like me and drink a beer, attempt to ski and give yourself whiplash for being overly confident.
  • Be like me and lose your friends glove because you care more about taking selfies than just sitting on the ski lift. Then proceed to get frostbite.


Heavenly Gondola: 

$34 to ride 2.4 miles from the casinos to the top of the mountain. There is a massive deck at the top with views that will take your breath away. Got the munchies while in Cali? No worries, there is food and drinks at the top too.


If you’re like majority of the people in my family and can’t ski to save your life – Go to Tahoe for the casinos, there are a lot and they are impossible to miss. Win big y’all!

Ski, snowboard, hike:

Obviously. Start in California, ski to Nevada and back!


Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel:

A large resort style hotel located right next to the gondola.

Hard Rock Casino Hotel:

If you prefer to be next to the water


Basically Vegas in the mountains.


You’re in America, you gotta get a car! Parking is around $20 in the public parking lots. Or Uber, I had the coolest uber drivers while in SLT.


Base Camp Pizza: 

Because pizza + beer on a patio with heaters and smores’ kits is ALWAYS a good idea.

Driftwood Cafe:  

Homestyle breakfast. A cozy spot that pretty much all the crowds flock to.

The Loft:

For a fancy Italian meal with creative cocktails. Stay till 2am do to enjoy the DJ’s.

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