Hiking Pedro Point- Pacifica, CA

A hidden gem! Pedro Point is a relatively easy hike with stunning coastal views. Only 2.5 miles long and around 700ft elevation gain. This uncrowded spot is perfect for a quick hour walk next to the coast. 


Driving south on Cabrillo Highway (Hwy 1), right before the tunnels you will find the small parking lot on the right. You will see about 5 parking spots but if you keep driving you will find about 10 more.


  • The beginning of the hike is probably the steepest and most challenging part.
  • Bring poles, the descent is slippery in some areas. However, there are ropes on the ground that are more comforting to walk on to prevent falling.


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  1. wow this is very cool, i think maybe the scenery is more awesome than in your photo

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  2. Hello, I love your blog and last week I have nominated you in Liebster Award. In case you have missed it. 🙂


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