Prague, Czech Republic

When I picture what Europe is like, I envision Prague. It’s the epitome of Eastern Europe. A vibrant city full of culture and enchanting medieval sites.

10 minutes into your walk on the cobble stoned streets, you’ll send a text to everyone back home that you don’t plan on returning. Prague just has a way of captivating you like that..

Bonus: you can see Prague in a short weekend and it’s budget friendly!



-Go during a holiday. The old town square market is to die for. Shopping with mulled wine in one hand and warm goulash in the other. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

-Get your Dollars exchanged. Czech currency is Czech Krona, not Euros! $1 = 20.4369 Kč

-Tip 10% or round-up your check! Don’t leave it on the table, tell your server how much you will pay.

-Learn some basic Czech! Hello- Dobry den. Thank you- dekuji. Excuse me- s dovolením.


-Be like me and smoke cigarettes inside the bar! I was shocked by the fact that you could that I bought a pack and smoked one inside a bar just because. And well, because at the time I thought it would ease my anxiety. NOW, this is illegal in CR! Yes health!

-Be like me and wear uncomfortable shoes. In one day, I walked 19 miles in Dr. Martens. Every corner you turn there will be something ridiculously beautiful to discover, you won’t want to stop wandering. (Also, I was only there for 48 hours)


Hostel One Home:

The perfect place for sociable solo-travelers on a budget.

Charles Bridge Palace:

Amazing 4-star hotel next to Charles Bridge. This location can’t be beat!


Charles Bridge:

Built in 1357. Wander around and check out the many artists showcasing their work.

Astronomical clock: 

Absolutely must go see the view from the top of the clock tower for 250 CZK.

Wander through the parks:

The cherry blossom trees and views of the entire city make Prague’s parks some of my favorite in the world.

Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral:

These two sites are right next to each other. I did not pay to go inside either one of these due to countless reviews stating its unnecessary. I’d say I agree. You get a great perspective from the outside as well as stunning views of the entire city.

Dancing House:

This strange architecture is sure to get you all the instagram likes.


From the airport take either bus 100 or bus 119. Metro line A will get you closer to the city centre so I recommend 119. Tickets cost 32 Kč.

Bus 119: to get to the green line metro, to the station Nádraží Veleslavín.

Bus 100: to get to the yellow line metro B, to the station Zlicin. 

Check timetable here


Tlustá Koala:

Local beers and warm goulash for a cheap price. This cozy spot will make you feel right at home. (fyi: this is where I had that indoor cigarette)


Translation: local. For traditional Czech dishes.

Joy Burger:

For when you need a taste of home or just really want an amazing burger. Joy Burger to the rescue!

U Kroka:

I didn’t actually eat here because I was incredibly poor. However, a trusted confidant and friend INSISTED I recommend this.

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