Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdaaaaaamn this place is fun. And pristine. Amsterdam is one of the cleanest cities i’ve ever seen. As soon as you step foot in this city you’ll understand why it’s such a popular tourist destination. Rent a bicycle and explore the city of 165 canals!


  • Rent a bike! Cycling is a huge part of Dutch culture. Watch out for bike lanes as they tend to be crowded.
  • Although majority of the population speaks English, learn some Dutch phrases before you go!
  • Take photos of the women in the Red light district. This is prohibited!
  • Smoke cannabis outdoors. Contrary to popular belief, recreational drugs are technically illegal here, pot included. You can purchase cannabis and mushrooms at “smart shops”. Just don’t act a fool. Or, do. It’s your vacation.


Flying Pig Downtown Hostel:

I stayed here and I LOVED IT. I made more friends in this hostel than any other hostel I have ever stayed at!

Backstage Hotel:

A budget hotel in an excellent location.

Mauro Mansion:

An intimate and beautifully decorated hotel. Perfect for couples!


Explore the Canals:

Amsterdam, also known as “Venice of the North”, has 165 canals for you to explore. For a perfect introduction to the city, take a canal cruise your first day!

Anne Frank House:

Buy your tickets online and well in advance.

IAmsterdam sign:

As of 2018, this sign has been removed. You can find smaller versions. The Rijksmuseum is full of remarkable art that is worth your time to check out.


The perfect place to chill out, people watch, and have a picnic!

Visit a Coffee shop:

I’m not talking about Starbucks. Amsterdam has over 200 coffee shops where you can buy and smoke cannabis.

Red Light District:

While prostitution isn’t exactly my thing, this is a side of Amsterdam visitors must see!


From the airport, take the train for 5.40€. It takes about 20 minutes to reach downtown.



Food truck near IAmsterdam sign and Vondel Park. You must try these Dutch pancakes!

Van Stapele Koekmakerij:

They sell one item, and one item only- a dark chocolate cookie with a white chocolate center.

Cade De Dam, Louis Bar

Adorable pub with cheap drinks and great music!

Rob Wigboldus Vishandel:

For only €3 enjoy a traditional Dutch fish sandwich. A perfect spot for lunch!

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