Teaching Abroad

Thinking about teaching abroad? Two words:


Teaching abroad was the most fulfilling experience I have ever had in my life. Ask anyone else who has taught abroad, they’ll say the same thing.

You don’t have to have previous teaching experience. You don’t even need to speak another language. So what are you waiting for? Book that one-way plane ticket!

Here are some steps to get you there:

Pick a Country

DO :

Research, research, research. If you are like me and had never been outside the US before. How do you know if you will like it? Research! I am from Texas, I need warm weather. I was easily able to eliminate a lot of countries off my list because let’s be honest, laying in the sand next to the Mediterranean sea really eases homesickness.


Pick a country that you have no interest in the culture. Don’t like sushi? Don’t move to Japan. Don’t like dancing to Reggaeton? Don’t move to Latin America.

Chose a TEFL Program

DO :

Chose a TEFL program in the country in which you are moving. This way, you can make friends immediately upon arrival that are doing the same thing you are. I recommend: International TEFL Academy


Get certified online, and move to a country where you know absolutely no one or how to find a job. I DID THIS. I was fortunate enough to know someone already teaching in Barcelona. Luckily, I was introduced to loads of friends my first night there. Hands down, could not have survived teaching abroad without meeting these humans.

Book your plane ticket

DO :

Book it now. What are you waiting for?

Sell your belongings

DO :

Sell everything! Trust me, you want the extra money to travel. You never know where life will take you.


Leave belongings with your parents or friends. Anything that makes you feel like you have an obligation to return to your home country.

Network on Expat Facebook Groups

DO :

Post that you are moving and in need of friends. I promise people will be doing the same thing you are and are just as interested in creating a network